Recreation and sport in summer

in approx. 2 hours the Hörnle is clambed

Walking through untouched and protected nature on more than 150 km simple or challenging trails around Unterammergau. If climbing up or down a mountain is too exhausting, you can simply use some cable car. 

and then enjoy the marvelous view

the house mountain "Pürschling" with mountain inn

juicy meadows and also rare flowers are to be discovered

Lots of fun offers Unterammergau’s summer toboggan run with a length of 800m, 8 scavenges, 3 tunnels and 3 mega jumps. Here the difference of level is about 85m. Beside the toboggan run, a fun park invites with its equipment.

nice spaces invite to the picnic with the whole family

on the summer toboggan run

in the flume "Partnachklamm "

For keen on sport without fear of heights offers 
all year round paraglider-tandem flights

The indoor outdoor swimming pool
offers both in summer and winter big fun with his water children's slides


Cycle in the mountains or in the valley on 300 km well marked cycle tracks an roads all around Unterammergau.

Unterammergau's air gun shooting club is flad of your participation at the guest shooting. Our rink shooting club is pleased to match with guests.

Sport in winter

in the putting mountain elevator in Unterammergau

Seven ski lifts partly with flood light in Unterammergau much more in the near surroundings by the Zugspitze arrange top fun skiing. Once in the cross-country ski run, you can run more than 90 km to “Schloß Linderhof” “Kloster Ettal”, “Wieskirche” and so on.

fun with ski and snowboard

... a deep snow pleasure

in the vacation well live and feel fine with Wiedl's 

cross-country trails

a comfortable horse sledge journey

On our physical toboggan run international masteries are delivered in racing sledge and horn-rimmed sledge Take the forthcoming toboggans or bob slights and start on the trail.


The physiotherapist Helmut Havlena offers in Unterammergau competent care with Fango and massages, head pain therapy, passive and active relaxation, anti-stress to program and local hay stack-therapy. Anew in the program is the LaStone-Warmemessage very respected in Hollywood. It promises with the application of aromatic oils and essence the feeling of the spoiling and physical as well as mental fitness. (Phone.: 0049 8822 4083)

Also the remedial practical person Christine van Elst is available with her specialist knowledge and her therapies.
With these possibilities to move with us in free nature and charming  scenery you enjoy the good and clean air. You get the head free from the everyday stress, switch off and also recreate at night in the undisturbed sleep. In surrounding moor bathing resorts you can do moor-baths or use simply the natural moor of our moor seas with his special remedial effects